Cheryl Cole Hot Lingerie Poses

The temperatures in the desert reached extreme figures when famous singer Cheryl Cole made her appearance there. Everyone knows that she always manages to heat up the atmosphere around her.

The 30-year old Cheryl Cole is one of the hottest artist in England, and this may be thanks to the high dose of sexuality that she radiates every time she appears in public.

And recently, the star has offered her fans another proof of her perfect body posting a new photo on her Instagram account. The star is shown laughing on a guy’s back. It seems that the man is part of her team and they just fool around. Cheryl wears a two-piece bathing suit that lays stress on her perfectly toned body.

The photo was taken during a photo shooting Cheryl did her upcoming 2014 calendar.


The stars poses in a set of skimpy outfits, including a hot black lingerie.





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